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      中國物流網 - 物流行業門戶網站 !

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      膜片聯軸器 廠家直銷 品質保障 批發膜片聯軸器

      發布日期:2020-09-14    玫卡機械設備(湖北)有限公司


      Company Profile
      MeiKa mechanical equipment co LTD is a professional mechanical equipment, transmission parts, all kinds of valve pipe fittings, mechanical and electrical equipment integrated supplier, the company has a group of well-trained professional and technical engineers and sales team to provide you with professional service, relying on years of cooperation with European and American companies, acting sales of Europe and the United States imported COUPLING, deceleration machine, hydraulic coupler, pulley, sprocket, valves and other mechanical products, at the same time learn from European and American developed countries industrial technology company independent research and development production product MEKKA COUPLING can significantly help customers improve the work performance of the transmission system, extend the service life of equipment, reduce the customer"s equipment operating costs.Continuously improve product quality and service quality is our goal.
      MeiKa mechanical equipment co LTD the products are widely used with coal, port, iron and steel, grain and oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, paper making, etc.Company main product snake spring coupling, drum gear coupling, diaphragm coupling, tyred coupling, elastic dowel pin shaft coupling, star elastic coupling, plum coupling, universal shaft are exported to all over the country, with our stable quality, reliable performance, good faith and mutual benefit.

      • 玫卡機械設備(湖北)有限公司 ( mkjxsbii.iooloo.com)
      • 聯系人:李早元
      • 地址:宜昌市伍家崗區中南路35號4棟1單元1404號
      • -0717-6223230
      • 手機:18930788363
      • 網址:mkjxsbii.iooloo.com


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