Pharma Fair Balance for a Digital World

Last year, I asked SXSW – Who Wants to “Like” Hemorrhoid Cream. When it came time again to think about submitting a proposal for SXSW, I really wasn’t sure I was going to.  I was having a hard time thinking about what I was feeling passionate enough about to pitch, especially in healthcare. I didn’t want to raise more questions.  I didn’t want to get on my soapbox. I didn’t want to have the same conversation as last year — since very little seems to have changed.

Then I decided it was time to “be the change, I want to see in the world.”  ~ yes, I just quoted Gandhi.

This year, I don’t want to come to SXSW and ask questions.  I want to come with answers.  To do that I’ve roped my amazing colleague Brent Canfield into this with me.  Brent is probably one the most brilliant (and slightly crazy) people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  He’s an amazing User Experience Designer, in the truest sense of that discipline. He’s not one these talking heads with thousands of Twitter followers.  He’s one of the people actually doing the work everyday, which is why I wanted to get him out in front of the world. We work together everyday, and I know he can not only rock SXSW, but also bring the goods in UX-land.

So what’s the solution we want to bring to SXSW?

An entirely new approach to Pharma websites and banner ads.

The way it’s done is based on print and television — and frankly — often to appease how creative is reviewed.  It should be done based on what’s best for the patients, professionals and brands. It should make the best use of digital storytelling techniques.  It should make the best use of emerging technologies.  It should really really be fair and balanced.